Don Burrow

The Owner / CEO /  President 

​Right On Target LLC.

Mr. Burrow brings many years of experience running and maintaining personal small businesses.

As CEO of Right On Target LLC.
​Mr. Burrow

Brings to the table over 30 years in the Firearms industry.

He Started shooting at the age of 14 Years old.

Mr. Burrow, is a former Law Enforcement officer in the State of Florida.

Professional Certifications:
He is a certified​ NRA instructor for Pistol, Home firearm safety and Refuse to be a victim​.

​​He is also a Range Safety Officer.

He has his DI license as an instructor for Security officers.​​

He has a D & G license in security.

He has a concealed weapons and firearms license.

He has a Federal Firearms License to sell firearms and ammunition.

He is a Certified Executive Protection Specialist​​​​​

​​​​Some of his accomplishments would include:

Over 10 years as the Security Supervisor and Hazmat Incident Commander at Tropicana in Bradenton Florida up until 2004.

Bradenton Beach Police Dept. as an Officer on the DUI Task Force and the Drug Interdiction Team. He then went to the Sheriff's Department as a Special Deputy where he served as a volunteer for an additional 21 Years.

He is a certified Executive Protection Specialist.

Melinda Burrow 


Right On Target LLC.​​

​​​25 years of banking and finance experience.

​​Melinda also has 5 years of Retail experience as an Assistant manager of a clothing store for a major retailer.

She also has a Concealed Weapons and firearms license from the State of Florida.​